About me

Mitchell Bergman is the first form of branding I was given by my parents. Growing up in a small town at the Dutch coast, my taste for and interest in luxury brands has been deep seated since I was young. I started to develop a passion for fashion and have been active in the fashion industry since I was sixteen years-old. I’ve worked at several segments of the fashion market varying from copywriting to sales and photographing to modeling. When I turned nineteen years-old, I started my journey at the fashion & branding course at AMFI which I still take part of.

For me, fashion is central in the world we live in today, especially luxury fashion. It forms identities, self-enhancement and self-expression, fashion communicates and has its own languages. We define our individuality with it, and it tells us who we aspire to be. Clothing is of the mind, but fashion is of the heart. Fashion is built on codes, which constantly change hand in hand in time. To understand this world of fashion, you need to know the story.

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